For anyone who lives in Lusaka, I’m sure they have either been to Siavonga or thought about doing this trip! Perfectly located in Southern Province and a nice 3-hour road trip away, this wonderful escape to Lake Kariba is a must do!

There are numerous accommodation options depending on your needs and budget, but my personal favourite is Lake Kariba Inns. It is a place my family and I have been frequenting from childhood so even now as a grown woman it still gives me the fondest memories! A room at Lake Kariba Inns will set you back at lowest ZMK650 per night with the prices varying according to room style. Do note, that when you wake up and are enjoying your morning watching the Lake from your veranda you could have Zebras visiting you, which is so lovely.


I don’t know if a lot of international travellers put Siavonga on their list of things to do, but I would recommend it, especially if you have a few days to spare in Lusaka. Lake Kariba is so blue and stunning to look at, and it’s simply a stunning destination to put your feet up, swim, grab a few cocktails and relax! I don’t do a lot in terms of activities when I visit Siavonga, but a sunset boat cruise must be done whilst you are there. The lodge will pack your favourite refreshments for you and off you go!

While you are visiting Lake Kariba inns make sure to sample their crayfish which is to die for, whatever sauce they put on it will have you wanting more! They also expertly cook other fish dishes which came fresh from the lake.