Out of all my African travel experiences to date, Seychelles is by far my absolute favourite! It has the wow factor on every single level! The people are extremely friendly – a constant throughout my travels in Africa so far and I hope it continues. We visited the island end of April – beg of May and weather was glorious!

As usual, flights and hotel were booked through one of my preferred travel apps, lastminute.com this time and we got ourselves a decent price for our flights and accommodation for 7nights. For this trip we made sure to book it six months in advance, because Seychelles is a popular island and we didn’t want to shoot ourselves by booking it too late and having to pay an exorbitant price.

From Lusaka, our flight was quick and easy with a flight to Johannesburg and then connecting to Mahe, Seychelles. Another plus point with this island is that Zambian and British passport holders alike do not need a visa to enter the country so no draining process of visa


We stayed at the Kempinksi hotel in Mahe which is a 45minute ride from the airport. There are numerous accommodation types that I saw when searching for our hotel ranging from self-catering to resort style. We travelled to the island to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday as a family, so we had to splash out and do resort life. I had been on a girlie holiday with my mum to Seychelles a few years before and we stayed at Kempsinski and loved it. It was also the best price for the luxury hotels on the island, so it had to be done.

If you aren’t looking to splash the cash, you can see Seychelles on a budget because there are numerous self-catering options. Airbnb will also have great deals for you that are a good balance of luxury and decent prices.


Hints & Tips:

  • From my experience and research just be aware that Seychelles is an expensive island so that will also reflect in accommodation, food and drink prices. Be sure to check out drinks/food menus in advance if you choose a hotel to realistically see how much you might end up paying. I did that and briefed my family, to ensure we didn’t collapse on realising how much we would be spending.
  • Hire a car! I cannot recommend this enough, because getting taxis will finish your pockets and if you’re like me jumping on and off buses on holiday on an extremely hot island isn’t for you, then a car will be perfect. I can’t remember exactly how much we paid, but we hired a car through the hotel and between the family sharing costs it was so effective. Another plus of hiring a car in Seychelles is that are so many beautiful restaurants dotted around the island that will be easier for you to explore when you’re mobile. You can drive around the whole island in a day and take things at your pace as opposed to worrying about taxi cost or tour guides rushing you.
  • Explore the other islands. Seychelles is perfect for those who want to island hop because Seychelles comprises three major tourist spots; Mahe which is the largest one, Praslin and La Digue. I explored La Digue and loved it. You get a ferry from Mahe and once you are on La Digue there are zero cars on the island, so you get a bike from the tour company and go on a self-exploratory tour. We saw the huge turtles, had time on the beautiful beach and made time for a delicious lunch.
  • Drink mojitos! Made with local Takamaka rum these are some of the best mojitos I’ve ever had anywhere in the world! You’ll also want to carry a bottle home in your suitcase because you’ll want some when you get back home.
  • Seychellois people are very adherent to their Catholic beliefs and you may find it difficult to find restaurants and bars open on Sunday, be sure that if you want to go on an exploratory food tour, don’t pick a Sunday to do it!


As you’ve probably guessed by now, eating is one of my favourite past times, and thanks to the internet and food reviews we managed a good few restaurants on the island. The food at the hotel Kempinski was also delicious where we dined a couple of the nights (they have different buffet theme dinners each night – LOVED the sushi and seafood night), but I absolutely hate limiting my options and I’m always inclined to get out there.

Top restaurants to go to:

  • Delplace bar and restaurant – located overlooking the ocean this place was such a vibe! Loved everything about it and their food was DIVINE! Seychellois seafood is just on another level and any of their curries will have you craving more. We had the grouper fish, prawn and fish curry washed down with, yes you guessed it – mojitos!
  • Coral Asia Sushi restaurant – Such a treat of fresh as it can get sushi, seafood fried rice, spring rolls and seafood noodles. Nestled in an interesting looking hotel, don’t be put off because the food is to die for.
  • La Reduit – It has 5star reviews and I could see why, nestled up rolling mountain roads this family owned traditional Creole restaurant. I had the whole prawns with chips and salad, and it was such a treat. Their traditional Seychellois curries are also divine.
  • Fishtrap on La Digue island – yet more seafood (I don’t think I ate anything else the entire trip tbh) and it was yet again another seafood delight of curries, seafood skewers and fish and chips. Be warned – after eating such a huge feast you will be in a food coma because of the food coupled with the heat. Well worth it though!
  • The Maharajas – Eden island – voted the best Indian restaurant in Mahe and it truly didn’t disappoint. We visited Eden island at the end of a long day of exploring and the delicious and homely food ended the night perfectly. Décor is beautiful too and it really transports you elsewhere. Great when your taste buds need a break from Seychellois food.


  • Ziplining! I’m scared of heights, but I thought about what a fun experience it would be with amazing views of the island and that propelled me to do the activity. We booked our tour through the hotel and had pick up and drop off. You are taken to the gorgeous Constance Ephelia resort in Mahe which is where the activity takes place. You’re given a safety brief and a trial run of how to zipline then you’re off ziplining through 8 different lines. It was petrifying but as I expected, the scenery made it all worth it!
  • Visit the Coco de Mer area where they grow on tall trees in a tiny area in Seychelles. The flora is incredible and if you have a good guide you’ll be mesmerised with the information. Again, we booked our tour through our hotel which included pick up and drop off for those who haven’t hired a car.