We did a quick pit stop at Kundalila Falls on our way back from Kasanka national park, it’s about an hour away so it made sense to add it onto the trip and I have wanted to see it forever! I’ve seen loads of pics online and never quite made it, so perfect opportunity!

It’s sad that Zambia has so many beautiful attractions to see that aren’t marketed to their full potential (that is where I come in hehe), and that even when you do make it to the road for the falls you find a horrible bumpy road. We seriously need a campaign to manage all our beautiful sights and offer better accessibility, not only to Zambians but to our international market. Tourism after all, brings in lots of money to the economy if marketed well

Kundalila Falls

Zambia has over 18 waterfalls dotted around this beautiful country and Kundalila Falls is one of them. You wouldn’t expect to find it where it is located but oh boy is it worth the dusty and bumpy road and the semi strenuous hike up and down a hilly path to see it in all its glory.

If you’re ever in that part of Zambia, I would highly implore everyone to get off the beaten track to go and see it.